Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Recycle List

Yesterday, my parents unexpectedly gifted me with an iPhone. Of course, every minute since then I've been on my phone browsing the app store, downloading anything that I have found interesting. Well while I was browsing, I came across an app that I thought would be extremely useful for all of my fellow earth lovers. The app is called 'My Recycle List,' and it lets you find nearby locations that accept certain recyclable items. The app 'lets you organize items by adding them to your Recycle List.' Using your Recycle List, you can then find the nearest location that will recycle whatever it is you are trying to. Here's a list of some of it's features, in case you would like to learn more about this handy tool:

* Find nearby recycling locations using GPS or ZIP
* Search for multiple materials at once
* Organize and Save your list for future use: Its like a grocery list for recyclers
* Share your recycle list with others via e-mail
* In-app interactive maps and web browser
* Covers the entire United States and some of Canada. International locations coming late 2010.
* Call recycling locations directly or add them to your contacts
* Works directly with our flagship site to search over 120,000 locations.
* We've put the most commonly recycled materials together into 9 groups: Electronics, Plastic, Metal, Paper, Glass, Household, Hazardous, Automobile and Yard Waste

Hopefully as you're reading this, you're finding this app as useful as I am, and I hope you download it! In case it has managed to spark your curiosity, here's a link to the page so you can find out more about it yourself, and maybe even get it.

Link to the App:

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