Thursday, September 8, 2011

Waste Not, Want Not

While on my hunt for possible green topics to write about, I came across an extremely interesting article called, "Waste Not, Want Not." The article talked about how 'waste not, want not' is a saying that everyone has grown up listening to, and it applies to our lives now, more than ever. With our natural resources slowly diminishing, we should be conscious of how much we're using and how much we're throwing away. The article listed some good tips on conserving generally everything, and I found a few tips of my own as well, so here are some possible ways to improve.

The toothpaste in the tube might seem like it's completely empty but it's not. Many times, I've been on the verge of just throwing away a tube thinking it's done, only to have my mom come & show me exactly how much is left. One way to really use all your toothpaste is to not only roll up the tube, but to use your thumb to firmly press down on that area right underneath the cap.

We all have plastic bags, those bags you get when you go to the grocery store & they pack all your thing inside of it? No matter how hard you try shaking them off, they always end up lying around inside your house until you end up throwing them away-at least that's the way it is in my house. Now, it's not really necessary to use a plastic bag in your trashes, but, if you're one of those people that needs a trash bag, why not use your old grocery bags? My sister insists on using a bag for all her trashes, so now we've made her in charge of all plastic bags entering our house. This way, there won't be two bags thrown away with your trash, you can bring it down to just one.

With all the different kinds of sauces & pastes out there, we end up using at least something in everything we cook. Pizza, pasta you name it, we've got a sauce for it. But with all these different kinds of pastes & sauces we use, we've got a universal problem throughout: that little bit of sauce left in the bottom or the side of the container that isn't enough to use & the bits and pieces stuck on the sides end up being thrown away. Well, I came across and noticed my mom using an excellent technique to keep the sauce from being wasted. What you can do to save that bit of sauce is to put a bit of oregano into the jar, then pour small amount of hot water in, and shake. Soon you'll end up with just enough of sauce for your next creation.

Well hopefully these few tips gave you some ideas for your house and you can use them in the near future.
Until next time,
- greengirl (:

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