Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reusing Your Plastic Bags

Hey guys, so I've already talked to all of you people about how many plastic bags we use everyday, so i won't bore you by reiterating the same facts over again-but, I did find some new ideas for how you can reuse your old plastic bags. Here are 16 ways utilize the same bags once again.

1. Carry Dirty Clothes – Use your plastic bags to bring home the dirty clothes from your trip. No one likes keeping dirty & clean clothes together, and this gives you an easy way to keep everyone happy.

2. Scoop the Litter Box – Flushing cat litter is a bit controversial, since cat waste contains toxins that’s harmful to aquatic life, and unfortunately, scooping is a fact of life for cat owners. You’ve got to put that smelly litter somewhere.
You’re probably using a plastic bag already, so you may as well RE-use one instead.

3. Stash One In the Glove Box – If someone in your family is prone to carsickness, keep a plastic bag in your glove box in case you don't have time to pull over.

4. Take to Concerts – Amphitheater shows and multi-day music festivals come with a lot of waste, and the trash and recycle bins seem to always overflow by the end. Instead of piling your empties on top of an overflowing bin, use a plastic grocery bag to take your recyclables home at the end of the show.

5. Remove Dog Waste – It’s only polite to pick up after your pet, and many areas even provide disposal areas for dog waste. Rather than grabbing the plastic bag provided, you can re-use a plastic bag that made its way into your house.

6. Use Them Again – It may not be as fancy as pulling out a canvas grocery tote, but if you’ve got a bunch of those plastic bags around the house, bring them to the store to tote another load of groceries home.

7. Line a Paint Tray – Next time you’re painting a room, use
a plastic bag to line the paint pan, rather than a disposable plastic pan liner. It takes less plastic, and it’s reuse to boot!

8. Cushion Valuables – Whether you’re packing to move or storing breakables in the attic, you can wrap them up in plastic bags to cushion them against damage.

9. Protect Paint Brushes – If you’re taking a break from painting, you can wrap the brush in a plastic bag to keep it from getting dry and hard. Just stick the wrapped up brushes into the fridge until you’re ready to get back to it.

10. Line Small Trash Cans – Reuse a plastic bag to line small trash cans, like in the bathroom, instead of buying new plastic can liners.

11. Save Energy – Instead of sand, you can stuff a draft dodger with plastic bags.

12. Donate Them – Places like libraries and food banks often need bags.

13. Protect Plants From Frost – Protect your plants from a freeze by wrapping them securely in a plastic bag overnight and removing the bag in the morning.

14. Save Shoes in Your Suitcase – When you’re packing for a trip, stash your shoes in a plastic bag, so they don’t dirty up your clothing.

15. Ship It – If you’re mailing something fragile, wrap it in plastic bags instead of new bubble wrap.

16. Protect Your Knees – Tie a couple of plastic bags around your knees to add some padding while you’re working in the garden.

Hopefully these tips have given you some more ideas on how to reuse those plastic bags that keep showing up everywhere. I'm sure you all have ideas of your own and let's keep them going in the comments!

-greengirl (:

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