Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Gift of Environmental Life

Everyday this planet provides us with water, energy, and countless other resources that we greedily use up;sometimes, without a second thought to its reprecussions. But now, we have little 'gifts' of our own for the environment. We can plant a tree; with all the paper we use on a daily basis, it's probably the least we can do-other than recycling. Even better, if planting a tree seems too daunting a task, you can always contact local organizations and donate the money to them, and they'll plant the tree for you.

Another possible present we can give to our Earth is the gift of a clean planet. If we all work together, we can help keep this planet clean. The first step is simple: Don't litter. The second step, however, may be a bit more challenging: Pick up any trash you see lying around. But don't worry, you'll have help. (:

These are only two examples of presents, but don't be afraid to share your own 'gifts' below!

-greengirl (:

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