Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When I Get That Feelin, I want NATURAL Healin:

You know the feeling. Pain and pressure right below your eyes, the inability to breathe the slightest bit of air through your nose, and of course the resulting chapped lips from days of “mouth breathing”. Yes, possibly the worst symptom of those pesky pesky viruses. Congestion. Yuck! When you are unable to clear those blocked passages, you will have to inevitably endure another infection. The sinus infection. For years now, I have dealt with sinusitis about 2-6 times per year.

Every time I got a cold, it would turn into a sinus infection. Apparently, my sinuses don’t drain very well. I am happy to say that this year is the first year I have managed to stay free from that obnoxious infection. Even though cold and flu-like viruses swept through my house several times since September, I have managed to avoid getting a sinus infection. How?? I discovered Xylitol.

Some of you may already be using xylitol as an all natural sugar substitute. Xylitol can do more than just sweeten your tea. Many dentists agree that xylitol can help in cavity prevention. According to the California Dental Association, xylitol inhibits the growth of the bacteria that cause tooth decay and over time will decrease the acids that attack the surface of the tooth. In the same way, xylitol helps prevent sinusitis by preventing the bacteria in your nasal passages from growing and making a home in your sinuses. Recent studies have shown that kids chewing xylitol flavored gum had a 40% reduction in middle ear infections. Using a xylitol based nasal spray regularly can decrease the amount of bad bacteria and can stimulate your bodies natural defenses. Sugar alcohols, like xylitol, have demonstrated the ability to prevent bacteria from attaching to your cells decreasing your chances of infection. Unlike sorbitol and other sugar alcohols that feed bacteria and fungi, xylitol prevents the growth of bacteria and can slow the growth of candida albicans.(yeast)

New studies are revealing all sorts of possible benefits of Xylitol. Improving bone density, increasing white blood cell activity, and hormone imbalances are potential benefits of xylitol being discovered. Xylitol is available in many different forms at health and grocery stores. You can find tooth paste, mouth wash, nasal sprays, supplements, chewing gum, breath mints, sodas, and even baked goods. All sweetened with xylitol.

So, go ahead, grab that brownie and enjoy it, guilt free.


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