Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Start a Summer Project – Container Gardening

Container gardening itself isn’t a new phenomenon, but we’ve got a trendy new take. These work great outdoors hanging from a wall or as a centerpiece on the dinner table. Even local businesses have sprung up offering ready-to-go assorted containers for purchase. With summer coming to a close, it makes a great last project before the kids go back to school or just for you.

The idea is to take any plant container you fancy, select several small plants with the same water requirements and unite them. My personal recommendation is to use succulents. They require little water and are sturdy, making them amenable to occasional droughts suffered when vacations happen or life gets hectic. Note of caution, be sure the soil has good drainage if you plant succulents.

I haven’t finished out my container garden yet, but here’s a great picture for inspiration: http://ktrv.images.worldnow.com/images/10381918_BG1.jpg. Please share your tips, or if you have a container garden, link to your pictures.

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