Monday, August 22, 2011

Do You Make These Mistakes in Packing Your Lunch?

Hi there, EcoNinjas!

Now that school has started, I decided to make a resolution to pack a zero waste lunch for every day of the year. Did you know that the average disposable lunch can create anywhere from 4-8 pounds of trash? That can add up to more than 300 pounds of trash per year!
Below are some tips for packing an eco-friendly lunch:
  1. Skip the brown bag, plastic bag, and aluminum foil- An easy way to reduce the amount of trash that goes into landfills every year, think about buying a reusable lunch bag. They have great storage options and are super easy to clean.
  2. Pack reusable silverware- Pack your stainless steel with your lunch to reduce the use of plastic cutlery.
  3. Buy your snacks in bulk- That way, you can still enjoy your favorite treats, but without too much of a cost on our environment.
  4. Pack a reusable water bottle- The Environmental Protection Agency reports that every year, approximately 2,400,000 tons of plastic bottles were thrown away. Contribute to reducing that number by buying a reusable water bottle!
Come on EcoNinjas! The world is in our hands!


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