Saturday, December 3, 2011

When I get that feeling, I want Natural Healing: A Spot of Tea

When I get that feeling, I want Natural Healing:
A spot of tea.

You are at work. You are feeling miserable. Stuffy nose, cough, sore throat all the wonderful symptoms of a good cold. The nice elderly women who works with you says, “let me make you a cup of tea. It should help you feel better.” You drink the freshly made tea, and sure enough your throat does feel a bit better. A little fresh air starts to pass through your clogged sinus cavities. You think to yourself, I have got to get some of this tea on my way home.

What is it about tea? Does it really have healing powers? How does drinking a cup of tea help me feel better?

Hot tea has a couple immediate benefits when you drink them. First, the steam helps loosen up the mucus that is preventing you from breathing. Second, the hot liquid has an immediate soothing effect on your sore throat. What makes tea so effective is the herbs used to make it. Most notably, Echinacea.

Echinacea is prescribed to us by mother nature. It is one of natures natural antibiotics. Echinacea stimulates our immune system making our own defenses stronger. It stimulates the cells responsible for identifying and “tagging” the intruding cells. Then, Echinacea stimulates the growth and production of white blood cells or the solider cells. Whether viral or bacterial, the new army of white blood cells can surround and conquer the intruding infection. Unlike antibiotics, echinacea works with our body keeping us strong. Antibiotics do kill the bacteria that cause the infection, but it also tears down our own defenses. Thus, increasing the chances of getting sick again. Furthermore, the anti inflammatory effect of echinacea helps open up swollen, clogged sinuses. Once mucus starts to drain, you begin feel better. The ability to breath lifts your spirit. You know the worst is over, and you are on the road to back to good health.

Herbal tea has been consumed for thousands of years across all cultures. It has stood the test of time. It was good enough for the ancient egyptians. ancient chinese rulers, and North American Indians. Echinacea is used my millions of people around the world to combat cold. Next time you are driving home from work feeling sick, stop at your local drug store. Avoid the temptation of all those over the counter cold medicines. Pick up a box of immune boosting echinacea tea, and start your climb back to health. Naturally!


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