Sunday, July 10, 2011

Add some Yard Spice

Have you ever considered going native or reducing turf? Seeing the drought we’re in and water use skyrocketing has been a real motivator for me. Using natives instead of plants unadapted to the harsh Texas summers can significantly lower maintenance and worry. That and incorporating more mulched gardens or pebble paths can reduce the hassle of a wilting and water-needy yard.

One of my favorites is Red Yucca. The plant produces vibrant red flowers and an artsy design while being a glutton for punishment—water it too much and you won’t have nice blooms! Now that’s a plant my garden can handle. Complement the stalwart yucca with a classy rock setup around it, and you’ve just created a zen zone of less neediness.

Butterfly mist is another good friend to gardens. It turns out with nice little flowers and packs on the butterflies, all while sipping water rather than guzzling. You can always make room in a forgotten corner of the yard or along a walkway. Simply remove some grass from there and plant this beauty with a few friends. You’re not going to miss the grass. Plus, the plant adds some more color and value to your yard setup.

Consider changing up the yard a little and adding some new flavor. It’s definitely taken my yard space from a boring, water-needy lawn to a more vibrant, satisfying space.

Contributed by: Alex Ransom

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jmanni said...

Would see a pic of your yard or of.the plants mentioned. Thanks!