Monday, March 23, 2009

Earth Day Ideas...What can you do?

What can people do in their community to celebrate Earth Day?
Earth Day, April 22, is next month. Lots of communities hold events, block parties, and cleanups to encourage everyone to get involved, and have fun while they help protect the environment. Tell us about what folks in your community are thinking of doing.

¿Qué puede hacer la gente en su comunidad para celebrar el Día el Planeta Tierra?
El Día del Planeta Tierra, el 22 de abril, es el mes próximo. Muchas comunidades están celebrando actividades, fiestas de vecindario, y limpiezas para alentar a las personas que participen y se diviertan mientras protegen el medio ambiente. Díganos lo que la gente en su comunidad está pensando hacer.

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Bika said...

A great idea, would be to have an environmental party. Where all of the goods such as cups, plates, napkins etc. were recyclable. It would also be interesting to have a segment in which the importance of recycling was touched on. Here's A link that really helps understand the importance of recycled products and recyclable products