Monday, August 11, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Do celebrities who champion the environment influence your decision making, and if so, how?

Many people feel that protecting the environment is important. Celebrities sometimes use their high public recognition to raise awareness for causes they support: for example, things you should do (or not do) to protect the environment.


sweeptea said...

I'm not sure that they influence my decisions, but they do draw my attention to topics. As a result, I may give more thought to it than previously. I think I am sometimes skeptical of celebrities, since I don't know them as "real people" - only as the characters I see in movies, or the gossip that appears in tabloids and other media. I probably don't trust them because I don't have a real life experience or context to place them in.

KD5OM said...

I have become a big fan of Ed Bagley, Jr. He is the celebrity poster child encouraging others to help preserve our environment. What else could you think of a guy who arrives to the Academy Awards in his EV car or maybe he is riding his bicycle? He would rather drive his Hybrid to the Sundance Festival than take a commercial jet. I do belive he is the real thing.